Long weekend away to Queenstown

Koko Black pit stop

I booked a long weekend trip of just four days to visit my cousin who has been living there since March.┬áThis was an amazing trip from start to finish. The aproach when you fly in has got to be one of the most beautiful in the world.It’s like being transported to another world. You get to see these amazing mountain, lakes and everything is so green. It really does look like you are looking at a “Lord of the Rings” movie set.



When I arrived I just hopped on a shuttle bus into the centre of the town to my accommodation and just paid $20 for the service. It’s an efficient service and if you are the only customer it only takes 10 minutes. This happened to me on my flight back to Wellington.


After I got settled at my accommodation I took a stroll around the village it’s quite small and idyllic. You can see amazing mountain ranges from the streets. My favorite area to spend time is down by the lake. You can just take in the stunning scenery and also relax in the park next to it. There’s also a little trail, which is you feel like some exercise takes about 40 minutes and will bring you out of the town a little bit. It’s a wooded area like a mini forest.


I visited the information center and picked up some brochures that detailed lots of fun and free activities. I then felt like it was time for brunch. I had asked for a recommendation from the information center. They recommended “Halo.” It was just what I needed I chose a gorgeous brunch option of Corn fritters with extra bacon and a smoothie.


After this I went on a reconnaissance mission checking out the local shops and seeing what there was to offer to the discerning shopper in Queenstown. What I found was a mixture of high street shops with some premium boutiques thrown in.

I also spent my time in some of the great little cafes scattered around town. My favourite was Vudu cafe. It has great food at a reasonable price and is located near the lake.

If you have the time it’s worth taking a small trip to the neighboring Arrowtown. It boasts quite a little history as it was home to Chinese migrants during the goldrush.


Koko Black exterior 'Chinese Girl' pouch print Vladimir Tretchikof Koko Black pit stop Inside "In The Pink" Cherry blossoms Vudu Cafe Menu



  1. Looks so gorgeous – I’d love to go back to Queenstown, I went as a kid but I think I’d appreciate it more now.

    • Hi Lena,

      Thanks for the comment, just liked your fb page. I love your stripe photo shoot for Meagan.I’ve been wearing loads of stripes lately. You should try and make it down to Queenstown lots of things to do perfect weekend getaway.

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