Getting out of your comfort zone

A few weeks ago i did something challenging. I attended the Soulful PR event hosted by the fabulous Janet Murray. This event combined 80 fabulous business owners from several different areas all with different backgrounds and unique perspectives. I’m normally quite a social and outgoing person. Moving to London though has a been a journey of sorts. I’m used to living in smaller places. I lived in Wellington, New Zealand for the past 6 years which only has a population of 200,000. Making the move had it challenges. I moved to London for more opportunities both for personal development and for what it could bring me in terms of job prospects.

I’ve been wanting to get started on having my own business here in London. My first stepping stone to helping get on this path was joining Janet’s Soulful PR members area. Then when this opportunity to attend a lie event came up I jumped at the chance. I almost backed out due to fear in a way of putting myself out there. It was a great event with speakers from various aspects from the media world. It was an event designed to help you create a PR pitch for your business and brand. The speakers provided us with the tools and information they are looking for when you successfully pitch your idea.

It was interesting also to hear about what their days look like and what type of items would pitch their interest. Among the speakers were the following:
Catherine Carr (@CatherineECarr) of BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour
Lynn Enright (@lynnenright) who is the News and Content Editor for The Pool a new online magazine full of lots of amazing articles
Adrian Butler, Producer at Good Morning Britain
Keir Mudie, a reporter for The Sunday Mirror/People
Maya Wolfe-Robinson who is the Commissioning Editor, Opinion from The Guardian and Abigail Radnor who is Features Editor for Guardian Weekend
Anoosh Chakelian, a Senior Writer from the New Statesman
Andrea Thompson, Features Director at Marie Claire magazine


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