5 tips to prep for a networking event

Hi everyone, I hope you are feeling fab on this glorious Friday. I just attended my first networking event since relocating to London yesterday. It was the Soulful PR event hosted by Janet Murray at The Trampery a great little event space in Shoreditch.
I definitely put myself outside of my comfort zone by attending.

My top 5 tips

1. Preparation is key. Plan your outfit in advance. Make sure it is clean and ironed if necessary. First impressions count. Plan it down to the accessories you are going to wear. It takes the stress out of getting ready in the morning when you know where everything is.
2. “Devil is in the details” Make any beauty appointments you might need which will bring your look together.
Make a Hair appointment, get a professional blowdry or root touch up. Book an appointment to get your nails and brows done. It’s the little things that will boost your confidence.
3. Plan your route in advance. Check out google maps and be aware of any connections you will have to make(especially if you are in a big city like London where you need to make at least 2 changes to get anywhere).
4. Always arrive early at least 30 minutes before an event is due to start as it will give you time to find the location and grab a coffee or a bite to eat. It will also allow you to get familiar with your surroundings.
5. Make sure you wear something comfortable shoes at least for your commute.I like to wear some classic converse or plain puma’s. You can always bring a fancier pair to change into when you get to the venue.

I hope you have found this useful and remember to have fun when attending these kinds of events and soak up as much knowledge as you can.


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